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Frequently Asked Questions:

ViViPhone Features

Do I need any special equipment to receive or place calls ?

No! ViViPhone has been designed to work with any standard telephone equipment. There is no need for an internet connection either.

There is a fast busy tone after dialing my number, what does it means ?

This indicates the system didn't recognize a valid phone number. Maybe the number was dialed too fast or a digit is missing. A SpeedDial entry can be used to simplify dialing the number.

What happen if during a call my ViViCard balance is exhausted ?

The maximum call duration will be displayed before a call is initiated, you will have a chance to refill your card if needed. In the event the duration limit is reached, the call will be automatically terminated.

Web Callout - What happen if I lose my internet connection during a call ?

Once initiated, your call is handled by our private network and won't be affected by your internet connection or browser status.

Web Callout - Which caller ID number will show up on the remote party's telephone?

The caller ID information will correspond to the one you selected. For example, you can call a customer from your home and choose to display your company's phone number.


Is my information held secure?

Security and privacy is a priority for us. We will never send sensitive information over email or regular web connection. All recordings and card numbers are exchanged across ultra secure SSL encrypted web connections.

What about private information such as credit card numbers?

Our servers contains only minimal user information such as name and email. Your financial information is only known and processed by our payment processing partner Paypal.


I have purchased a ViViCard but decided not to use it after all, can I get a refund?

If you didn't used your ViViCard, we will gladly cancel it and issue a full refund on your credit card.

Does my balance expire over time?

No, there is no expiration of your account balance.

Our firm is a heavy user of your service, do you offer volume pricing ?

Volume pricing is available to qualified customers. Please contact our wholesale representative : .

Special applications

My company would love to have a dedicated and customized version of your system.

No problem! Our parent company, VAFX Global Inc. , offers dedicated voice solutions tailored to the need of any organization.

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